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Poetry Bundle: Liaisons and Get Over Yourself

  • Poetry Bundle: Liaisons and Get Over Yourself

Two books in one go!

Get Over Yourself (2020): Get Over Yourself is a collection of poetry about belonging and exclusion. Using humour, spoken word and storytelling, Leanne Moden takes us through the familiar touchstones of experience - teenage rebellion, grief, sex, self-esteem and self-discovery - in collection of poems that mix the personal with the political. Get Over Yourself is a poignant, funny and accessible collection of poetry, written especially for you.

Liaisons (2015): The poems in this collection explore modern and historic femininities by way of witches, body hair, mothers, daughters, music, sex, friendship, relationships, club culture and outer space. Using humour, rhyme, rhythm and alter egos, these poems examine why we do what we do, and whether we can ever separate femininity from external and internal moralising.