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AUDIO DOWNLOAD - Get Over Yourself


This is the audio version of Get Over Yourself, read by Leanne Moden. The audio version will be sent to you via Wetransfer and will come as an MP3 file. The total listening time is around 45 minutes. This version was recorded in Leanne's front room on a very old microphone, and as such, there might be ambient cat and neighbour noise. This is an integral part of the ambiance, so don't forget to listen out for it!

Get Over Yourself is a collection of poetry about belonging and exclusion. Using humour, spoken word and storytelling, Leanne Moden takes us through the familiar touchstones of experience - teenage rebellion, grief, sex, self-esteem and self-discovery - in collection of poems that mix the personal with the political. Get Over Yourself is a poignant, funny and accessible collection of poetry, written especially for you.

Published by Burning Eye Books - https://burningeyebooks.wordpress.com/